Marvel’s The Avengers Now Playing

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Marvel’s The Avengers Now Playing.


1)  This another movie they used content from me as a young person.  It was one using lesser-know superheroes.  Not everyone comes up with a flying platform.

2)  Battleship is another film where they used my content.

3)  They won’t ever credit or pay anything.  The Avengers is a big movie for revenue.  They could afford to pay if it mattered.

4)  Unders some condition it would matter to have written The Avengers.  It’s the reason that the film industry is mean to everyone.

5)  My content is often an advocate of science.  It’s better to men in The Avengers as they are filmed around scientific equipment.  I also made them look like “fit soccer guys.”

6)  The Left that creates Occupy believes less in science and business.  They can kill themselves along with religion and do everyone a favor.

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