Mormon Stained-glass Ceiling

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1)  In relationship to financial hold, it’s often Mormons making legal and informal claims that inhibit commerce and career development in additional to anti religion.

It includes Monson at BYU that makes gay claims and refers to German Americans as Nazis and kulaks.  To represent U.S. citizens as foreign is an inversion that inhibits commerce.  Gay claims also inhibit commerce.  Attacks on family includes LDS and LDS employees that regress everyone and that refer to everyone sexually.

2)  LDS are doing religious volunteerism in LDCs.  Much of it’s growth is international including Africa, South America and Central America.  High LDS growth in LDCs for some individuals is more to celebrate than others.  Not everyone feels obligated to fund LDCs including terror countries.,

3)  Many wealthy countries think that Mormon can shove off.  That also holds for many industries within America.  The NBA and professional sports may think that Mormons can shove off as well as academia.

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