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Could Britain’s elderly be the new kulaks? « Churchmouse Campanologist.




1)  The articles on kulaks would not be as relevant to Americans that arrived in the U.S. much earlier.  Many people trace their

family history to Europe in the 1700s and 1800s before migrating to the United States.  U.S. citizens are not responsible for complicated political or regime shifts in Europe.  They also lose on

any inversion of U.S. citizenship.

2)  It’s a slight if LDS invert that causes sue out.  It matters to be American and to have an American personality.  A European nature might be the same as to be gay.

3)  I’m no longer a member of AHSGR.org, a family history entity, because of gays that join.  Mormons flame it.  LDS are more conservative than Lutherans on gay issues and no one wants to get flamed because someone is gay somewhere.  It’s not my fault somebody has a gay boat in Provo.(1)

4)  For Americans, if you like Europe so much then why don’t you move back there.

5)  In relationship to the persecution of Jews, you can read that the kulaks and Germans in the area were persecuted and killed by Soviets.  Many people invert that to villify Germans that didn’t do it.


(1)  It’s not my fault American religions have gay members.

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