Institutional Hazing and Putative Marriage

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1)  Institutional hazing includes hazing at ball games and public events.  Then everyone is supposed to concluded that religion doesn’t call the shots around here.   That’s the public sue out that say’s, “You really should gain some respect for corrupt a legal system and/or legal workers that attack traditional marriage.”

The reason I don’t gain respect is that anyone responsible would prosecute you for public sue out schemes including fill in marriage schemes.

Any fill in schemes are putative with institutions including religion attacking and confusing indidivuals that would only marry if it were a legitimate traditional marriage.

2)  The following does not hold in my case because it’s complicated nature isn’t represented as such:  “Due to the complicated nature of a putative marriage, legal measures have been set forth to protect the individuals involved in such a marriage.”  It’s the reason Utah fails to protect the individual involved in putative marriage negating proper jurisprudence.

It’s a Utah inversion of my legal, career and financial interests.  Your have to replace Utah judges, police and attorneys that bully and inhibit commerce and shut down religion because it’s dual retribution.   It’s the Utah Legal System and religion involved with illegal process and procedure.


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