Top 10 Evil Movie Villains and SLC Gay Parades

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Top 10 Evil Movie Villains.


1)  For Utah handling, you could just add Milk to the list of movie villains if it mattered.  You don’t have to bother or protest whatever I’m about in relationship to that.

2)  That relevant for SLC gay pride parade on Sunday.  It’s not me at the gay festival.

3)  LDS handling makes it the end of your career and marriage if you attend under any pretense.  I’m not disputing that Harvey Milk is going to hell.  That’s exactly what Mormons indicate to me and that the writer is a pretty good candidate to join him.  I’m not like that and I don’t want a gay marriage.  It didn’t occur to me until after the fact that he’s a sure thing for hell.

It’s the reason that you take it out on the Democrats that want gay marriage including the President.  It’s likely the right will lose the general election to a President that supports gay marriage and we’re left in an America that has shifted left.  It’s also possible the Supreme Court will rule DOMA unconstitutional.

2a)  Gay marriage is a worse idea before and after it is legalized.  So is being gay.

3)  For 9-11, you can make a list of villains instead of blaming the American West for that.

4)  For movie villains, I’ve created a number that have made the list and I’ll leave it up to all of  you that think you are God to determine if they are going to hell.

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