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1)  That would include the many people that attack traditional marriage through claims including religious people.

a)  Gaybasher problems might include Catholic Democrats that act like they are with the Holy Ghost to support gay marriage.

2)  For people that are targeted, having a religious membership is about the same as running for office.  For them the difference between politics and religion is nothing when they would distance from anything that inhibits wealth building or that causes problems.

3)  Mormons with a sue out intent are some of the worst people ever.  You can shove off every day it.  Utah and Mormonism wasn’t as godless when I was raised here.  Your name would be mud if you lean into individuals for sue out.  Anymore they will anyway and nobody does anything about it.  We all wish you the worst and a worse ending that contribute to sue out objectives.

4)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from Utah residents including LDS members.  That includes everyone that yell from their cars.  Your making everyone fat every day.

5)  Momrons are the worst on improper sexual referencing.  They all know it’s worse for career and marriage if they refer to everyone seuxally.  It’s professional derision.

6)  Disapproval for refering to heterosexuals as uptight because they are not gay.  That’s a common reference for gays to make in Utah Valley.  Disapproval for bothering me ever with gay issues, gay activism and gay protest.

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