Romney Surge and Legal Tyranny

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1)  With Romeny in the news for a few months until the gereral election, it might be as good of time as any to get rid of the attorneys, judges and police involved with institutional sue out.  They’re the worst people ever.  They preference anyone that isn’t family or religious in Utah.  They attack the traditional marriage year after year and nobody does anything about it.

Now is as good of time as any to purge those that attack our tradtional vaules in Utah.

2)  That might include every Catholic employee that isn’t that Mormon for it to matter if they contribute or support sue out objectives.  You would purge all of Draper in governement and the police.  Theypolice you would purge statewide.  They’re the worst people ever for those of us that are family.

3)  Per to Romeny Bid and LDS Planning:  Movie content in relationship to a presidential bid from an LDS candidate was used without consent.  It includes a number of stories and film to alter national mood or thought one way or another.  In reverse,  I would never cooperate as it’s disruptive and includes years of political targeting.  It included the divisive gay marriage issue.  It’s much worse to young people that you latch politically in a manner that is outside of their career and family objectives.  It’s decades lost in relationship to your church and political latch.  It doesn’t work out and may include requests for content or assignments that pits one at odds with institutional objectives or policy.(1)

4)  It isn’t supposed to matter to me if anyone is running for office or if gays have any political agenda items.  It matters what happens to everyone financially.


1)  For example, assigning anyone to write about gay issues in relationship to a broad social change such as the civil rights movement.  Anything assigned that would suggest anyone is sympathetic would be at odds with anti-gay marriage policy.  It might matter if anyone wants to be married for long or employed ever.

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