Chrysler LeBaron: Cross-cultural Purge for Anti-family

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Chrysler LeBaron – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

1989 LeBaron Premium convertible (Europe)


1)  Religion can shove off (1) for failing to support traditional marriage legally and informally.  Fill in mazriage might include filling with a dog, a nuke and a pack of strangers playing against Utah family values.  Your handling of putative fill in is the worst ever from religion and it’s even worst through the legal system.  It anti-conservative, anti-career, anti-family, anti-Mormon, anti-religion and illegal.

2)  For family people, your cross-cultural purge should target those with a stated sue out objective.  You can find them in most markets and they are the worst people ever.  It’s your failure to villify them and wreck them financially and legally.

3)  It’s a state and a nation dedicated to anti-familism.  It’s your fault that you fail to villify those that are anti-traditional marriage and that have sue out objectives.

4)  The Lebaron isn’t my car.  Retired people used to buy it.  They suggest it has to be a Jeep for heavy off road use or else your gay.


(1)  Off the record you can f’ off and so can the State of Utah for your failure to stick up for traditional marriage (independent of any gay agenda)  legally and informally.

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