Extreme AMPHIBIOUS vehicle

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Extreme AMPHIBIOUS Russian offroad vehicle: Aton-Impulse VIKING-2992 – YouTube.


1)  Mormons have a suspension on off road vehicle.  Those of us that aren’t gay don’t have to cover for gay.  You don’t have to convert people to a heterosexual orientation that aren’t gay.  Gay claims are often for sue out objectives from Mormons and others.

2)  For off roader, it’s up to you if you have a heavy duty off road purchase planned.  Some of us don’t really like it way out there.

3)  It works out better for larger market if . . .  It’s the reason that you tell Utah Valley and the Y not shove to rural markets or to “rural” vehicles.  It causes financial shocks and sue out if you shove to rural markets.

4)  Neighborhoods:  Utah get along with neighborhoods that are safe, low-crime and that don’t hate white people.

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