Public Upsets

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1)  Your a bunch of losers in America in response to public upsets for sue out.  That includes at public events and through call centers.
2)   You can shove off every day for your pulbic upsets for sue out.

3)  That includes hazing from call centers.  It would also include legal attacks.  Many people are not attorneys and have aversion to legalism.  You can disuade bullies including mean attorneys that breach on our aversion to legalism.  It should take any kind of lobbying for you to stick up for the interests of our country.  Your failure to preclude bullying from mean attorneys is a travesty.

4)  The real travesty with public upset is your public failure to fix the problem.  It would interface with many industries and professions and is a clearly a way to toss careers and traditional marriage.  It causes financial, health and status shocks.  That’s someone taking it out on lifetime earnings.  They are also indifferent to educational level.  There go the shoes, cars and houses that we all wanted.

5)  Most notable for legal reasona is an illegal assumption that includes assumption of identity for parents and other familymembers.  They toss legally and informally.  They weaken and wreck careers and marriage through improper handling.  The identity problems and assumptions continue decade after decade.  It’s a corrupt family, religion and state that contribute to those identity problems.

6)  Disapproval for failure to support the fact we are family people.  Disapproval for failure to acknowlege sue out objectives and fraud schemes including from Mormons.

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