Disapproval for LDS on Adult Shove and Sexual References

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1)  Disapproval for LDS for failing to acknowlege we are family people.

2)  Disapproval for shoves to Vegas and adult industries.

3)  Disapproval for public sue out objectives including sexual hazing.  It causes dislocation and inhibits careers.

4)  I woundn’t recommend LDS to anyone that wants traditional marriage because of a sue out culture.  It includes fill in marriage for many people that are family people.

5)  Disapproval for sexual referencing or referencing to any miss.  A miss isn’t gay.  Those of us that are heterosexual don’t want public sexual references such as “we know it was inadvertent.”  That includes sexual hazing at sports events, religious events and on the radio.  No sexual referencing is the correct answer.

6)  If you want to sue out Mormons than you put them on the monitor.  It inhibits commerce, causes health issues and sue out.

7)  The monitor also takes out people that went to school or church with people that decide to be gay or lesbian.  Many are montored and they flame any reference to anyone and/or common memberships.

8)  It’s somebody else that likes funeral potatoes if it includes call center hazing.  I guess somebody just died with that sound effect that doesn’t want anyone to be too happy.

9)  Disapproval for Draper and Catholics on inclusiveness.  Many of us may not care for your church or religion whatever it is especially if it contributes to financial and other losses.

10)  Maybe you should move back to Europe if you like that so much.

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