Gay and Corrupt Legal System

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1)  For Utah legal,  sorry your so gay and corrupt.  We all win if you kill yourselves.

2)  Disapproval for blacks and Democrats with sue out and marital fraud objectives.  It’s illegal to fill in.  Your public sue out efforts stink.  We all win if you kill yourselves.

3)  Your the ones with the “mixed-orientation marriage” of godless atheists.

4)  It’s the legal system and the Left that are just like Harvey Milk.  For Utah film, you should be suing the funders or responsible parties for funding films that have any gay characters.(1)  People from heterosexual Utah culture lose financially and otherwise from those films.  You sure could bankroll me for Milk.  That one’s a disaster area.(2)


(1)  They are often assigned to add a gay character in the public schools and in churches.

(2)  In an unrelated issue,  9-11 issues are a disaster area for those of us that are survivors.  It’s a screwy NYC politic that incriminates survivors and/or the American West.  I’m not supposed to have to tell everyone for years that I didn’t do it.

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