Your Godless Atheists

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1)  Your godless atheists that hate families and traditional marriage.  That’s why your so gay.  That’s why you destroy those that attack traditional marriage through any pretense including godless claims and shoves.

2)  Science:  We all believe in science and technology.  That’s not the problem.  They problem is your failure to support family and traditional marriage legally or otherwise.

3)  The fact that individuals have to work so hard to villify the ones with sue out objectives is telling.  Your supposed to destroy them and it should be the voice of millions of people to get rid of them and to punish them.  We all win if they kill themselves.

4)  Disapproval for political and religious leaders for creating a divisive sue out culture and failing to punish those with sue out objectives legally and financially.

5)  You don’t make any legal or informal claims because we’re family people.  It’s a travesty that you fail to acknowledge or support the objectives and interest of those of us that are family people.

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