You Inhibit Commerce

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1)  I’m the top line with a graduate degree and it doesn’t matter one single bit to anyone.

2)  Career block and financial hold would include legal and informal limitations that shove or sue people off the payroll.

3)  It may include making claims that you can get back to whatever you were doing for hobby interests instead of standard or proper career development over a lifetime for the top line on the graph.

4)  Draper is a grumpy legalistic voice in relationship to that .  It’s some UAV, other specie, sonar or radiation that is flaming and suing everyone.

5)  It would also explain why informal claims that cause sue out and inhibit commerce would be a problem including claims from Utah Valley residents.

6)  Your notoriety includes a complete indifference to sticking up for those of us that are family people legally, financially and informally.

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