Cars Land and Attacks on Family

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Cars Land | Disney California Adventure Park.


1)  Cars Land is another ride based on film content and characters that I created.  It’s the same as the other films where I’ve been overlooked in relationship to any financial reward.

2)  It’s also fair to suggest that any controversialization of someone used for so many Disney films would be without cause.  That would hold for overreactive religious and anti-religious people that are hypercritical of everyone and full of mean legal claims.

3)  It’s also clear that I was raised in a family-friendly environment and why I would be disapproving of public and legal attacks on family and traditional marriage.

4)  Any family-friendly lobby has it’s work cut out for them for a lifetime.  They would have a very long list of legitimate complaints.  You can tell them to never give up and they still lose in an America that doesn’t like traditional marriage or families.

5)  It would include intolerance for religions involved with sue out.  It would require legal support to sue out and punish Catholics, Baptists and Mormons and others with sue out objectives.

6)  It would include intolerance for a legal system that attacks family and traditional marriage.  It’s the reason that you get rid of them.

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