9-11 Jumpers WTC Eyewitnesses

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LiveLeak.com – 9-11 Jumpers WTC Eyewitnesses (Graphic 18+).


1)  On this video and other jumper photos, I’m looking for my image to use as evidence of 9-11 survivor.

2)  I jumped from American Airlines 11 and hit the North Tower.

3)  The photo might be of me upside down with a wire or rope on my leg.  I’m wearing a white shirt and holding my jaw from injury.

4)  If I’m walking away from 9-11 then I’m holding my jaw because of injury.

5)  It doesn’t matter to anyone even if I found a photo as evidence.  However, it is diputed if my survivor story is true.

6)  It’s complicated because they want to incriminate people in relationship to that incident.  They usually find the most political problems from Dems, Baptists(1) and blacks.  It’s also a NYC that is convinced they are more professional and wealthier than the American West and that it needs to matter that they have a better car than Utah.(2)

7)  It’s someone that has to fight too much for it to matter to anyone or to find a win or redemption.

8)  Some have alleged that the South Tower plane had a nuke onboard.  Whatever is there makes everyone sick or else it’s radiation from other sources.


(1)  Baptists might view Utah residents as candidates to find transitions to mainline Protestantism.  For people that want to build wealth, then religion is irrelevant or worse it inhibits commerce.

(2)  Strategy:  For America that is short a Chrysler Imperial, it may not need to matter to them.

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