South Park and The List of Things That Offend Muslims

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South Park

via – The List of Things That Offend Muslims.


1)  South Park(1) and more:  This list would suggest potential security problems from the jihad for Americans (Utah writers) in relationship to movie content.

The Muslim Brotherhood is listed as a terrorist organization:

Why don’t you nuke them.

2)  People used to ask me if I know that Egypt hates my guts and I say, “Maybe they hate America.”

3)  It’s Islam that’s the anti-American.

4)  It’s hidden protest and claims that are damaging to everyone.

5)  It relationship to protest, upset and public hazing in America, it comes from Americans.  It doesn’t preclue foreign pressures but the identity problems(2) and public sue out efforts(3) are American.


(1)  South Park was programing that was tied to LDS church growth efforts.  It’s one that is flamed from Mormons and from Islam.  It’s also content that never mattered to me to write or to watch.

(2)  Like everyone that I’ve ever known including my family.

(3)  Sue out efforts from Mormons are retribution whether your Mormon or not.

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