Disapproval for Sue Out Efforts for Any Source

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1)  The correct answer for sue out efforts is to tell them to know it off.  If they don’t then you arrest them.  You commit them.  You shoot them until they know it off.  That holds for sue out efforts from sports, journalist or anyone else in the country.

2)  The shake up in any industry or organization would always get rid of thos that have sue out objectives.  You inhibit commerce.  Your the worst people ever.

3)  Disapproval for religion in relationship to public sue out efforts.  Many Catholics, Mormons and Batptists all flame at public events and through call centers.  They rarely do anything about it.  That would include at church and church-owned sporting events.  Your negligent people.

4)  Disapproval for bullying based on religious memberships.  Disapproval for punishments, retribution and bias based on religious or non-profit memberships.

5)  Disapproval for persecution efforts within or outside of any religious memberships.

6)  For some religions, the sue out and bullying come from people in other neighborhoods in the same town or region.  They get a few of their guys to help out with the sue out for the younger or “other neighborhood” ones.

7)  That would include any outing of sexual history of any sort.  You can do that to anyone and it weakens traditional marriage and families.  It’s personal information instead of public information.  You punish the ones with sue out objectives.

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