Disapproval for Radio and Cellular Monitor

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1)  Monitor might include military sources such as the Navy, call centers, religions, non-profits and credit unions.

2)  Utah County monitor might include Sento call center that may include gay protest and/or BSA retribution.  It may also include UCCU in relationship to having a line of credit.  They may controversialize religious memberships because they might be Utah Valley University alumni.  The BSA monitor might include individuals that are other religions, other species and other political affiliations that contribute to amplified outbound hazing and public upset.  The monitor might include a BSA database with personal information collected from family members.  It may be used for shoves on products and services and for sue out.

2a)  On an even darker note, targeted individuals may experience shoves that cause suicides, crime, bankruptcy, foreclosure, career blocks, health issues and dislocation.

3)  News organizations might include LDS news organizations that use radio systems with electronic devices placed in car vents.  Radio systems may also be in place in churches including LDS stake centers.  Catholics are also known to monitor.

4)  Monitor is a nuisance that inhibits commerce and is used to disuade(1) and weaken everyone.  It also exposes people to legal risks, public upsets, flames, retribution and sue out.  It’s one of many disruptive technologies.

5)  I would suggest the monitor is illegal, a nuisance and a hazard.  It may not be clear under what conditions they monitor or if organizational membership is the only determinant that they will monitor.

6)  Dissusion from church employees would suggest a propensity to have a nervous breakdown or to be a “candle buring at both ends.”  It would wreck any career or marriage if you make those kind of claims institutionally, informally or legally.  It would a script for burnout or exhaustion through public hazing.   For CA, individuals that “shock out” might end up sitting around and rotting in New Mexico.  It’s a cultural and family attack of my work ethnic to make your feedback public including from cops, media or any other public source.  Our family works fulltime and you don’t manage people into bartenders, bums or food service that have graduate degrees.

7)  Whether you kill yourselves or not does’t matter to me.  In fact, we all win if you kill yourselves for those responsible for derision, claims, nuisance, flames and public upset.


(1)  The dissuasion content sounds like retribution from blacks making racist claims based on LDS membership.  It would include mobbing, flames and public upset in California.  Off the record you can shove off before and after religion.

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