Disapproval for Sexual Referencing

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1)  Disapproval for sexual referencing.

2)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from Catholics and Mormons.(1)  It’s mentally ill religions that breach and haze sexually and institutionally when they all know it’s improper referencing.  Your a financial and legal hazard.

3)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from media sources.

4)  You create a cycle of improper sexual references that contributes to financial loss and career upsets.  We all hope you kill yourselves for it.  It’s clear your sexual references are political and improper.

5)  It’s clear you can shock people out with institutional hazing.  Then you nullify any financial benefit in relationship to professional development and higher education.

6)  The anti-religious sexual hazer makes higher education into a personal accomplishment instead of professional development that matters.  They may handle anything to do with religion as personal accomplishment.

7)  It’s not my fault you have a gay religion.

8)  Filling in for traditional marriage with a cohab or fill in arrangement is illegal and a hazard.  It’s corrupt religions that fill in.

9)  Disapproval for religion in relationship to people that have android or LA robot problems.  Your good for nothing in relationship to that and family.


(1)  Many U of U alumni that are LDS contribute to public upset and sue out objectives.  They’re the worst people ever.  It’s a lost cause to try to fix it institutionally.  It’s corrupt.

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