The Five Best and Worst Cities for Families Revealed

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The Five Best and Worst Cities for Families Revealed : In the News : pregnancy and parenting on JustMommies.


1)  Much of Utah and LDS act like it’s Vegas instead of Utah for family.  They do for many of us that are from here that are family people.  Orem is about as family as it gets.  Your really off on handing that includes identity problems.  That also holds for public and legal attacks on traditional marriage.

2)  Salt Lake City is the worst for fill in marriages.  Illegal marriage tosses traditional marriage.  It isn’t the least bit family-friendly.

3)  Salt Lake City has the most gay issues.

4)  Even Utah educators are like that for Canyons School District.  I’m a family person.  This isn’t Vegas and your handling of idntity problems isnt’ the least bit family-friendly.(1)

5)  For LDS it’s the same handling that isn’t the least bit family-friendly.  They act like everyone is from Vegas.  We’re family people(2) and everything is inverted to toss traditional marriage and family.

6)  Because you toss and invert those of us that are family people, I like you enough to nuke the entire state.(3)  Your prosecute those scripting illegal marriages in Salt Lake City and Sandy without equivocation.  Your institutional handling has been anything but family-friendly.


(1)  That might include filling in with other specie and radiation.  That’s about what Draper is like is radiation and other specie.  That’s about all that’s left of my family in Orem is radiation and other speice.

(2)  I would be especially critical if any family members that dispute if we are family people.  I’m a family person with a psychotic church and state that tosses traditonal family and marriage.  All of you know that we are family people.  Your troubleshoot and toss is anything but family-friendly.

(3)  The past decades have included everything but a family-friendly override on divisive issues.

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