American Symbols

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1)  Disapproval for hazing from small towns.

2)  We don’t want any public flames including from radio stations.

3)  We don’t need to go over it we are from America or conservative.  It’s the Left that’s the problem and that diminishes everyone.(1)  Maybe you can send them to war to die.

4)  Disapproval for anti-careerism from Utah, religion and America.

5)  Disapproval for generating PR problems.

6)  Some of the people that want to harm everyone have a “baseball mentality.”  That mentality wants to disable everyone and to block everyone financially and otherwise.


(1)  Including those of us with graduate degrees.  It’s an embarassment the Left wants to make everyone into an *sshole.  It’s a Utah that is dedicated to nulligy any financial benefits from education.

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