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Thermoacoustic imaging – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


1)  Can similar technologies be used to create “humanoid images or identities?”

1a)  Is the absorber and/or UAV attached or assigned to your car or identity?  It may be harder to escape the identity problems.(1)

2)  You may be able to create robots that look like a hundred people with this technology that may cause additional confusion.  It may also be used to increase your legal hazards.  It’s a robot that could assume the identity of family members or identity for legal and financial transactions.

3)  Androids:  Some can think that way.  However, it’s different if the robot looks exactly like your wife and then finds years of mean legal problems for you.


(1)  Androids might be a more correct than “birds in a helmet” that has been used in prior blogs.  “Android or robot” technology may be more familiar to police and military than to everyone.

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