Try Support for Traditional Nuclear Marriage

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1)  I’m still rooting for any attorneys you kill that do the fill in marriage for those of us that are family people.  They use it to cause career outage.   It’s anti-conservative.

2)  I would cheer all day long if they kill all of you that attack traditional marriage.

3)  In a state as conservative as Utah, you have the worst catch ever on institutional sue out schemes.

4)  Religion is good for nothing in relationship to attacks on traditional marriage including illegal fill in marriages.  Religion should be family-friendly institutions that supports traditional nuclear marriage.(1)  Disapproval for Baptist confusion and hate messages.

5)  You’d be more critical of a legal system that inhibits commerce.

6)  Disapproval for 9-11 upset and confusion in LA through 9-11 reenactment and/or public hazing.  Disapproval for confusing family identity in addition to public upset routines.  Disapproval for “shock and awe” protest.

7)  Disapproval for family, friends and religion(2) in relationship to confusing family identity.  Disapproval for claims and public upsets that are anti-support for career and traditional marriage.

8)  Disapproval for Orem City and LDS for confusing family identity.  Decade after decade strangers have fill in for my parents and family members.  It never sorts out because it’s institutional fraud.  You all act like it’s normal to be assigned to be a “mom and dad” for somebody.(3)

9)  It lends itself to a culture of diminishment and weakening outside of any sound recommendation.  It would include handling of family history and ethnicity that includes false histories and legal claims that weaken everyone.  If anyone of us are bright enough to see that then it’s clear that we would be outraged by your institutional weakening.  Your one big pack of f’ing losers in relationship to that kind of derision.

10)  The fill in marriage in many ways is a decision to remove one’s halo.  It’s especially mean to those of us that are family people.  Your corrupt and have a psychotic diminishment agenda.


(1)  For Mormonism, that would suggest legitimacy in marriage.  Cohabitation and/or fill in marriage isn’t legitimate.  It guarantees failure and financial loss.

(2)  It’s not supposed to matter to me if you like religion.  Much of the protest is from beligerents that belong to other religions.  Disapproval for bothering me with policy protest in relationship to any religion.

(3)  You expect people to explain if Utah has been nuked the most times.  If it’s off the record it’s harder to sort it out.  It would play into a number of decisions including whats left of anyone financially.  It matters for planning and to what degree anyone left is legitimate and trustworthy.  Everyone is much less trustworthy in relationship to assumption of identity.  It may also need clarification if Utah residents and/or 9-11 survivors have higher than average risk for cancer.

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