White Jeep

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1)  Some of us don’t need a prop to be heterosexual.

2)  What doesn’t work out is Utah’s anti-career views and indifference to educational level in relationship to wages.

3)  Marketing Concepts:  For some people,  it’s supposed to be a BMW X3(1) instead of a Jeep.  Utah Valley tosses other marketing concepts that aren’t always the best model for everyone or that are a distraction for development.  Any shoves to rural markets are a distraction.  Everything to do with gay issues is a distraction.  So is anything legalistic.

3a)  Vegas might shove to other cars like an *sskicker.  Family people like myself would be less enamored by your sue out objectives.(2)  All of Utah would understand that.  It’s the reason why you would be critical of public attacks on traditional marriage and the reason why your such a big disappointment.

4)  The crimp might include LDS UVU alumni that think BYU alumni, including Romney, are supposed to lose the most money.  Some day you just might just get that gay marriage you’ve always wanted.


(1)  It might be one that would get along better with some alumni affiliations.  brian.weber@alumni.cgu.edu.  Utah doesn’t always know that they are like that and crimps everyone.

(2)  That includes illegal Utah LDS fill in marriage schemes that guarantee failure.

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