Piracy It’s a Crime: Local Churches and Schools are Pirates

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Honda N Box + Brown Rear

Honda N Box + Brown Rear – egmCarTech.


1)  Local concept car?  Honda marketing content from me might also include civic spelled ( ivi ), Honda Fit, Honda Element and others.

2)  N Box is Japan only.  The 2014 Fit CUV might be an American version.

3)  The piracy issue is huge for movie content used without consent.  It might be another reason why people don’t want to be monitored.(1)  Locally, the content is used from young people(2) and so everyone is short on legal enforcement or protection for content.(3)


File:Piracy is a crime - Unskippable Anti-Piracy track.png

4)  Your religion is a pirate.  They’re going to use young people to make new products, movies, video games and brand names.  They aren’t the least bit interested in protecting their content from infringement.  Local schools are also pirates.  They’re using content from me this year for major movies.  They never paid anything.


(1)  They have been monitoring during the Utah primary elections.  It may contribute to retribution if the monitor doesn’t share your political views or religious memberships.  The monitor is often used to inhibit individuals legally and financially.  The monitor is a distraction, hazard and a source of unwelcome feedback.  It’s used to bully and haze.

(2)  The content is used over a lifetime.  It may be content from 25-50 years ago.

(3)  The Pixar films that I wrote are famous films including the top three films listed below:  Toy Story 2, Up and Toy Story 3.  My content used for film should be something notable, historic and deserves proper remuneration.  Instead I’m forgotten in a long list of pseudonyms.  Any reference to my surname is met with misgivings and that it would tarnish the films for some ethnic prominence reasons.  No one has come even close to crediting those films with my real name and identity.  Informally, many in Utah know that I have written many films including Pixar films.

The pirated content included a bunch of animated films among others:




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