White Bus and Legalization

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1)  Maybe that bus gets along with I-80.

2)  Some guys are like that.(1)

3)  The divisive gay marriage issue has caused problems for many conservatives.  They lose financially on inversion from any source.  It’s part of the reason some think America could legalize Nevada options.  It’s legalization that would be commonplace in many countries.

4)  Some Utah residents would go for that because they like Utah over Nevada and/or rural towns.

5)  Heterosexual Utah would want something regulated that would prevent any “same sex activity” and STD.

6)  American legalization might be one option to override on suspensions and local gay options that are “second best” or “unacceptable” to bi and hetersexual males.(2)


(1)  That get along with Nevada ones that are not gay.

(2)  In fact, it might important to counter the leftist surge toward homosexuality.  Maybe America has fewer gay friends they know if they have a heterosexual choice nationwide.

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