Radiation phantom with humanoid shape

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File:Voxel Phantom - Visual Photographic Man (VIP-Man).jpg

Patent US20050035282 – Radiation phantom with humanoid shape and adjustable thickness – Google Patents.


1)  It might be your family members that are radiation phantoms to contribute to family identity confusion.(1)

2)  Replacing the U.S. workforce with “robots” would alter how humans spend time and to what degree they have resources.

3)  It’s a abuse to preclude work and/or career development via disruptive technologies and mean lawsuits.  Those of us with a graduate degree want decent jobs over a lifetime.

4)  It’s an abuse to fill in for family members with radiation phantoms.  It’s financial and identity fraud.

5)  Utah marriage to a phontom is illegal.  It may also assume male, female and other specie form lending itself to confusion.

6)  Radiation phontoms may contribute to upsets through crime, murders, suicides, abductions, Nevada problems, etc.


1)  I would fire and punish any legal workers that make claims on any word choice.  It’s professional derision from a bunch of losers.

Example 1:  Baptist confusion screws up religion.  Confusion strategies including military confusion inhibits commerce and can be based on arbitrary variables.

Example 2:  A radiation phantom spouse delegitimizes traditional marriage.  My Utah marital certificate suggests that a marriage is legitimate when in fact it is compromised by radiation phantoms.

Example 3:  It’s an abuse to use drones to bully individuals out of careers and marriages.  California, Utah and other states attack individuals with drones.  They pin down and inhibit any individual they target.  They nuisance everyone decade after decade.

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