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1)  I’m a citizen of the United States.

2)  LDS may not always represent that correctly.

3)  Many of us may or may not win with any ethnic referencing.  It’s usually weakened or vilified.(1)

4)  Europe is irrelevant to most of us in the United States.  It’s the oldest guy alive that was a WWII vet.

a)  VG didn’t do it.

5)  The Mormonism that can’t troubleshoot an illegal fill in marriage is Scandinavian that might believe German Americans are Nazi.(2)


1)  Any ethnic inquiry or incrimination from blacks is Mormon Problem retribution.  It’s a prior generation that may have asked about any black heritage in relationship to anything LDS.  Some believe that blacks deserve to be a religion.  You can both shove off before you cost me any money or popularity.

2)  The Orem High Link in the blog below would lend support that I’m a family person.  The Utah legal system is indifferent to that and to illegal process that inhibits commerce.  Anyone resposible would get rid them for that reason.  The Fed is critical of that which inhibits commerce and Utah legal workers are the worst people ever.

a)  That would also hold for controversialization for any content used in film that has been used without my consent through Utah schools and churches.  I’ll never recover from the fact our churches are not family-friendly and that they flame and sue out institutionally.  You can all drop dead.  Your brand of Cristianity is failed.

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