From Cold Warriors to targeting trafficking: US military shifts focus in Europe

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From Cold Warriors to targeting trafficking: US military shifts focus in Europe – World News.


1)  Reputational attacks inhibit commerce.

2)  Utah gay claims incriminate people that aren’t gay and don’t want you to wreck their careers or marriages.  That also hold for instutional hazing from content used without consent in films.  You fail to be critical enough of public sue out efforts and hazing at sporting events and in the media.  You fail to punish improper sexual referencing often from people that fail to acknowlege that many of us are family people.  No one wants to get flamed.

3)  Drug claims wreck lives if it causes monitor and/or UAV latches to individuals.  You might also be critical of shoves to buy supercars and/or other products especially in an envirnment that may be crimped for other reasons.

4)  Utah Valley incriminates through associations.  It might include any associates or individuals that attended publics schools that are gay or smoke pot.  If someone at your school or church smoked pot then for some it’s a reason to incriminate and crimp everyone financially.

5)  They might go after anyone that thinks they’re Jesus.  If your going to crimp anyone that’s been to church then it’s reason not to have a religion.  The Utah Valley police asking if BYU alumni intend to rape anyone’s *sshole are inhibiting commerce.  It’s the reason to get rid of them.

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