Mormon Problem: BYU and Utah Valley Alumni Arrows

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1)  BYU alumni have downward pressure from Mormon Problem.

2)  Utah Valley University(1) alumni could have more of a Mormon Problem is you published their church memberships.(2)  Not everyone in America is enamored by Utah County or religion.

3)  Nationwide Mormon Problem(3) contributes to downward pressure.

4)  America could be going after the Left for being anti-business and inhibing comerce.  You could be vilifying Occupy and other protesters.


1)  And others such as Utah State and U of U alumni.

2)  NYC, finance and others would suggest any religious membership is downward.  For business reason, it’s all of religion that’s a problem and reason many would distance from it.

3)  Mormonism itself manages many into lifetime unpaid religious volunteers.  Much of it is anti-career and inhibits commerce.  Any “injured reserve” designation from Mormonism is also used to inhibit career development.




a)  In relationship to Mormon prejudice, at what point is it a legitimate health risk to your family members?  What responsible parent want’s their children to be disadvantaged in marriage or guaranteed failure because of religious persecution?

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