Krasnoarmeysk, Saratov Oblast, Russia

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1)  Google Earth view.(1)

File:Coat of Arms of Krasnoarmeysk (Saratov oblast).png

2)  Coat of Arms

File:Moskvich M236(2).jpg

3)  Riverboats.  Historic riverboats in the area were steamers.

4)  It works out better to catch the steamer early.  You might avoid radical leftists full of tyranny and murder.

5)  Early settlers entered the region from the north and exited the region to the north.  Many migrated to America starting in 1874.

6)  Any river pollution problems are Russia problems.  Stop blaming America if the Volga river stinks.  The Germans that lived in the area moved back to Germany some time ago or to the United States.

7)  For Americans, your dealing with people looking at the 1700s and 1800s in czarist Russia.  It’s the reason that any WWII referencing and/or claims would not apply to them as U.S. citizens.  Disapproval for you public hazing and/or claims in relationship to migration to America starting in 1874.  Many are just being difficult by grasping at straws to “cause issues.”(2)  That’s some time ago.


1)  The German name of the town was Balzer.  People are critical of any referencing to names of the German colonies.  If it’s improper to refer to a former name of a town, then it should be fixed in a stardard manner.  Your misgivings are often misunderstood why you hate everyone.  You send your e-mails from historians, editors, etc. to relevant historical societies and/or nonprofits with proper procedure and/or referencing.

2)  The following link suggests that the Soviet Volga Germans fought against the Nazis in World War II.  That’s supposed to be covered instead of having to fend off Nazi claims from other Americans including police.  They act like everyone is the enemy in relationship to fighting on the Eastern Front.

Internet Links


2)  Krasnoarmeysk, Saratov Oblast – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





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