My Forgotten Empire

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Empire (film magazine) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


1)  Many of the films listed used content from me.  It’s really a forgotten and unpaid writer for so many films that “worked out.”

2)  It would also suggest that your worse to everyone in terms of social distancing, respect and flames.

3)  You would also coach me differently in terms of life decisions and around religious and pr problems if it’s anything historic or that matters.

4)  Many of the films were written through the schools in Utah County.  Disapproval for you disrespect for everyone legally and informally.  Everything is anti-career and anti-family if I’m around.(1)


1)  That would hold for all of religion.  They shove and manage many people into minimum wage and part-time jobs instead of salaried positions or careers.  You don’t have to come up with some squirrely philosophy for everyone that is critical of people that don’t want us to have any money.



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