Response to Educational Hazing

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1)  Public local hazing is improper including hazing in regards to one’s educational level.  I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree(1) some time ago and am not a student.  The hazing is an effort to make everyone lackluster from many that have U of U ties or Catholic ties.

My father was a professor and most people in my family work in education.  I’ve had to distance the most from politics and religion because of clear public hazing problems.  It’s improper referencing regarding one’s personal life that are the problem.  Many of us don’t want to have to respond to you publicly.

2)  Mormon Problem hazing results in anti-support for any individual no matter how many degrees you have.  Finding support for caeer in that environment is difficult at best.  It’s one reason many of us have to distance and the damages are lifelong with public upsets and claims.(2)


1)  I’m a CGU alumni.

2)  I would have never expected to get flamed from call centers or at public events.

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