Disapproval for Gay Marriage Advocacy

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1)  Disapproval for gay marriage advocacy whether it’s legal or not.

2)  The great majority are women that misspecify gender and dress and act male.

3)  They’re people that attack traditional marriage and traditional nuclear family life.

4)  Disapproval for gay marriage advocacy independent of religious or any other affiliations.(1)

5)  It’s not about someone being uptight.  It’s about being shoved under by conservatives if anyone(2) is gay or is an advocate of homosexuality.

6)  The LDS that invert one’s gender or orientation don’t like your families enought not to invert.  They use it to crash careers and marriages.(3)


1)  It’s not my fault your religions are gay.

2)  Including anyone that may have any remote ties to ethnicity.

3)  That would include punishing LDS employees that invert one’s identity.  It’s retribution.  You sue out and disparage institution-wide to match their sue out objectives.

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