Anthropomorphic Phantoms and Filling In for Family Members

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Anthropomorphic Phantoms, full body and sectional teaching & training phantom, x-ray positioning manikin.


1)  It’s a reason nothing troubleshoots correctly because somebody is filling in with phantoms.(1)

2)  You could get flamed by phantoms that have medical ties.  They may be programmed to be anti-careerists with diminishing objectives.  That’s a mouthy guy that lives under everyone’s car or inside of your closet.

3)  It’s the reason you prosecute any claim makers for fill ins.  None of us like you or would ever support you retribution claims.(2)

4)  Your handling of fill in identities is improper and illegal for Utah reason and for Utah culture.(3)

5)  Of primary interest is what’s best for wealth building, career development and for succesful traditional marriage.

6)  I don’t want anyone to fill in for any family members.  It doesn’t matter if your psyche, police, church or other.  The fill in identities cause confusion and contribute to derision.  We’re better off not having to wonder if our families that raised us are fans or haters.(7)

7)  Your a crooked and corrupt state in relationship to identity fraud.  It’s a collusion that tosses our financial and legal interest.  You all belong in jail over it.


1)  Any claims that would support any decision to fill in with phantoms for a wife or family members would be through pretense and untrue.  It’s the reason that anyone responsible would pubish any claims for legal reason.  It’s retribution.

2)  Family people like myself don’t want a fill in because it’s scripted for failure.  Claims may be made for athletic, health or legal reason.  For legal work, it may be compromised by family member fill ins through a “family attorney.”  Many could troubleshoot for business reason alone for fill in marriage.  They could also troubleshoot for other reasons such as ethnic, church, educational, family or Utah reason.

3)  Like police or politicians that think your ethnicity is prominent enough to deserve a shove or latch to New Orleans.

4)  It’s relevant to me because they filled in for my wife with phantoms and for many family members including my parents.

5)  I’m concerned about it in relationship to financial and legal handling and/or claims.  I’m also short anything close to a tip from anyone in an environment that confuses identities.(1)

6)  They act like private properties owned by my parents and/or LLC are public properties and why would that ever matter to me.  Family and friends are just a pack of strangers through whatever pretense or partitioning.

7)  Here’s content from the confrontation on identity:


I’m not checking on your schedule or anything like that.  I really am your mother, thats all.  I don’t know what you saw about me that makes you think I’m not myself.  But I appreciate the fact that you have answered me back.

Carolyn Weber

8)  8/12/12

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have a brand new Yahoo! email address;  Please update your address book and send me emails at this new address from now on. Thanks!
Darrell Jack Weber

.in in in India.  That’s a worse than average troubleshoot from everyone if anyone is still around.

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