Utah Isn’t a Democrat

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1)  Democrats should lay off flaming conservatives on gay marriage.  Romney doesn’t support it.

2)  Everyone is critical of retribution, protest and boycott from gays because they aren’t Democrats.  Utah doesn’t support gay marriage.

3)  Protesters inhibit commerce.  Democrats are quick to go after religion for that and few people can get around that derision.  Gay marriage protesters at the call centers and elsewhere inhibit commerce.  They are one big nuisance.

4)  Utah is likely to remain conservative in spite of any future shifts on the gay marriage issue.(1)  That would include if the Supreme Court legalizes it nationwide in the future.

5)  Disapproval for religion in relationship to “religious gay advocates” that invert everyone as protest.  Inversion is a hate message.


1)  Most of the state has been disapproving of gay marriage advocacy.  It’s the reason that Democrats would understand conservatives in relationship to their gay marriage advocacy.

Internet Links

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3)  http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/07/31/13052642-survey-partisan-divide-over-gay-marriage-widens?lite

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