U.S. Olympic Collection and Derision

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1)  I don’t support illegal drug use.  I’m also critical of claims as it inhibits commerce.(1)

2)  It’s a complicated politic that attacks individuals so they don’t think they so upstanding.  If its desecration then everyone losses financially because it attacks career and reputation.

3)  It’s large institutional hazing that contributes to losses.

4)  We’re family people.  That’s the problem with many of your references.(2)(3)


1)  Like growing pot with religion or wanting a gay marriage.

2)  Many of us that were raised in Orem, Utah are family people.  The dispute from LDS in various markets is unacceptable.  It includes LDS leadership that blogs online that we want to rape your *sshole or that we want a gay marriage.  It also includes LDS that fill in for marriage with a pack of strangers.  It’s the worst ever catch and troubleshoot from LDS people.

3)  In relationship to some LDS beliefs, it might be an illegal arrangement that would guarantee the creation of a Palestinian, a financially weak renter, instead of a Jew, a wealthy homeowner.  It should be worse PR for you that you empower such haters of family people.  It should also be worse PR for Utah police that make legal claims based on their blogs that are hate messages for family people.

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