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BMW X1 Series Overview

BMW X1 Series Overview – BMW North America. Comment 1)  Why are you bothering our neighborhood?  It’s some kind of radiation or UAVs. 2)  For athletics, they do public upsets that might nullify any benefits.  They really want to make a fat state.  I’d get rid of the UAV operators for nuisance and inhibiting commerce. 3)  I’m […]

Blogger Override

Bloggers may be challenged by other bloggers that invert or nullify their blogs with contradictory claims.

The Last of the Mohicans – YouTube

The Last of the Mohicans – YouTube. Comment 1)  Any Utah special burden or expectation outside of work to entertain may be caused by Mormon Problem. 2)  Whether it’s gadgets, movies or music it may be people that don’t need penance or corrective actions for church memberships.  In fact, for many it doesn’t need to matter […]

U.S. Olympic Collection and Derision

U.S. Olympic Collection – Men – Comment 1)  I don’t support illegal drug use.  I’m also critical of claims as it inhibits commerce.(1) 2)  It’s a complicated politic that attacks individuals so they don’t think they so upstanding.  If its desecration then everyone losses financially because it attacks career and reputation. 3)  It’s large […]

Utah Isn’t a Democrat

indieflagstaff | GAYBASHER | Comment 1)  Democrats should lay off flaming conservatives on gay marriage.  Romney doesn’t support it. 2)  Everyone is critical of retribution, protest and boycott from gays because they aren’t Democrats.  Utah doesn’t support gay marriage. 3)  Protesters inhibit commerce.  Democrats are quick to go after religion for that and few people can get around that […]

Evidence of German Heritage for Romney

Daily Kos: Romney is Anglo-Norman, Not Anglo-Saxon. Comment 1)  The article above is evidence Romney has German heritage. 2)  That’s less to celebrate for many Mormons.

Utah Mountains

Comment 1)  Disapproval for Leftist policy. 2)  Disapproval for public hazing. 3)  Disapproval for career attacks including public upsets. 4)  Disapproval for an economy that precludes work for everyone outside of “your gay buddies.”


finance | Comment 1)  I’m not a student.  I’m a homeowner that is middle aged.  Disapproval for your public referencing.  Knock it off. 2)  We just work.  It unreasonable that anyone would controversialize work itself for me or anyone else. 3)  We need to work over a lifetime.  We don’t want any preclusions, […]

Anthropomorphic Phantoms and Filling In for Family Members

Anthropomorphic Phantoms, full body and sectional teaching & training phantom, x-ray positioning manikin. Comment 1)  It’s a reason nothing troubleshoots correctly because somebody is filling in with phantoms.(1) 2)  You could get flamed by phantoms that have medical ties.  They may be programmed to be anti-careerists with diminishing objectives.  That’s a mouthy guy that lives under everyone’s car or […]

Anti-WAR mother …

Anti-WAR mother *UCKERS! | Page 15 | WTF!?. Comment 1)  I’m not a liberal.(1) 2)  I’m not military.(2) 3)  I’m not a protester. 4)  I’m a U.S. citizen. 5)  I’m not indifferent to longevity. 6)  Family people often stick around for family reason.(3) Footnotes 1)  There the worst people ever. 2)  With a wartime military […]

Disapproval for Gay Marriage Advocacy

indieflagstaff | MAUKIE | Comment 1)  Disapproval for gay marriage advocacy whether it’s legal or not. 2)  The great majority are women that misspecify gender and dress and act male. 3)  They’re people that attack traditional marriage and traditional nuclear family life. 4)  Disapproval for gay marriage advocacy independent of religious or any other affiliations.(1) 5)  […]

My Forgotten Empire

Empire (film magazine) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comment 1)  Many of the films listed used content from me.  It’s really a forgotten and unpaid writer for so many films that “worked out.” 2)  It would also suggest that your worse to everyone in terms of social distancing, respect and flames. 3)  You would also coach me differently in […]