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Utah Gay Attorney

legal | Comment 1)  It’s the Utah Legal System that is the problem.  They’re gay and corrupt.  They hate kids, families and traditional marriage.


indieflagstaff | GAYBASHER | COMMENT 1)  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. 2)  I guess it does push N.C. on gay marriage. 3)  Maybe that’s because Utah is white and conservative.

Survivors of military suicide victims come together to grieve

U.S. News – Survivors of military suicide victims come together to grieve. Comment 1)  Don’t let Utah Valley read this article.  They’ll have a tizzy fit. 2)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from Utah Valley and LDS.  Disapproval for hidden claims including schitz claims from Utah Valley residents.(1) 3)  World Suicide Rates: 4)  Ethnicity:  […]

Indiana Jones – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indiana Jones – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comment 1)  Indiana Jones is another reason why I was supposed to be rich.  Because I created the Indiana Jones character and films. 2)  Maybe Kickstarter can fund in reverse for all those films. 3)  LDS have a lot of nerve inverting whatever I’m about as a person.  Indiana Jones […]

Feel the Force: Happy 35th anniversary, ‘Star Wars’! Entertainment – Feel the Force: Happy 35th anniversary, ‘Star Wars’!. Comment 1)  What was I doing about 35 years ago?  I was writing Star Wars. 2)  That’s why I’m supposed to be rich. 3)  Instead, it’s an America that exploited everyone.

Sample Policy on Hazing

William & Mary – Policy on Hazing. Comments 1)  Policy on hazing should be punishing to individuals and intitutions that haze in many industries including media, academic, religious and legal circles. 2)  Much of it is from individuals protesting racial, feminist and gay policies that don’t have anything to do with me.

Mormon Stained-glass Ceiling

Comments 1)  In relationship to financial hold, it’s often Mormons making legal and informal claims that inhibit commerce and career development in additional to anti religion. It includes Monson at BYU that makes gay claims and refers to German Americans as Nazis and kulaks.  To represent U.S. citizens as foreign is an inversion that inhibits commerce.  Gay claims […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Update

Abercrombie & Fitch – Shop Official Site. Comment 1)  Update:  It’s Abercrombie instead of L.L. Bean. 2)  It doesn’t need to matter to you.  I’m not involved with the fashion industry. 3)  If you use Utah photos for any L.L. Bean catalogs it causes problems because everybody knows of some brands and colors they prefer.