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It’s Not Our Gay Agenda

Untitled 2. Comment 1)  I didn’t do it your just mad about something else.  Just blame it on the military monitor. 2)  On gay marriage it’s somebody else with the gay agenda. Advertisements

BMW 3 Series, Concussions and Public Relations

BMW 3 Series Overview – BMW North America. 1)  Per 9-11 Survivor Story:  Some younger generation are critical of any reference to it.  It doesn’t need to define anyone but you may need to be critical of any failure to honor victims.  It disrespect to shove everyone out of career and marital objectives.  It’s not […]

Political Troubleshoot on the Dart Frog

iPACS demo. Comment 1)  For legal reason, wealth and prominence might determine if that scan is human. 2)  The other specie is in a body suit like the birds in a helmet.  It’s relevant in troubleshooting the legality of marriage if it is human or not. 3)  Utah will issue a marriage certificate even if […]

Does anyone know what “que chato” mean in portuguese?

Does anyone know what “que chato” mean in portuguese? – Yahoo! Answers. 1)  That’s what the past decades are like.  With wars, lawsuits and divisive social issues you’ve really have outdone yourselves. It’s suppose to be funner than sitting around thinking about who gets to legalize gay marriage or getting bullied by blacks with a […]

Under the Sea Writer

Under the Sea – YouTube. 1)  I forgot this one.  They tell everyone to write in the schools so they’re having a fun time down there. The problems is that if it’s Disney they are forgotten creators like Mickey Mouse creator is forgotten. 2)  The failure to reward is bigger because some of the […]

Man Up

1)  Man Up.  The nature of man is good.  It’s the nature of women that’s the problem. 2)  Attacks on traditional marriage are often from women. 3)  Here’s a local conception of what some people in Utah think is manning up: 4)  It may not be the only model for men that are not military. […]

The Lion King – Circle of Life

  Here are some others content they used from me: A Whole New World – YouTube. The Lion King – Circle of Life – YouTube.

Book of Mormon Musical Writer says Hasa Diga to Film Industry Accountants

Book of Mormon Musical Is Becoming More Popular Than The Actual Book Of Mormon. Comment 1)  This is one that I wrote a s a young person.  There is no credit for that on any document anywhere.  I’m forgotten in relationship to that even though I remember writing it.  They often use code names, writer […]

Oscars 2012

The Last Samurai OST #9 – Red Warrior – YouTube. Comment 1)  Many people like the Red Warrior.  This movie is another one on this list that I forgot to add: 1.5)  Per the bootstrapping effort on movie history:  Some people don’t hold it against me.  What if someone did write a few movies that […]

Nuke It

Your Ad Here. Comment 1)  That’s a good one for your institutional weakening efforts. 2) 3)  And for blacks for your hypertension political objectives., ————– Unrelated Stuff to Nuke a)  If major organized religions proclaim that you don’t need to matter to their organization then it causes problems similar to being purged.  Religion is also bad […]

USA Map Overlay

1)  Could you create a USA in another continent with a parallel grid?  It would include corresponding cities. 2)  In Utah, everyone is animal workers.  Usually Europe uses animals workers. 3)  I don’t want to live in a parallel.  I’m a U.S. citizen that doesn’t want to get tossed abroad. 4)  It might be the […]

Thumbs Down on Utah Troubleshoot for Conservatives

1)  Thumbs down for civic, legal and religious leaders in relationship to other specie problems. 2)  You stink.  You really, really stink. 3)  Your bad for business.  The confusion on other specie is everywhere.  They can be found in bodysuits at schools, churches, worksites and public events.  There is no effort to properly identify them […]

Conservative Troubleshoot for Other Specie Problems

File:WickerCatPole.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 1)  Other specie problems include animals inside of  a bodysuit. 1)  Legal Handling of Other Specie:  It’s unreasonable that the state disputes if there are tests that could determine if it is other specie.  You have dozens of tests that could determine that using modern science.  You also know […]

Darth Vader Bird in a Helmet

Rolling Stone Cover of Darth Vader Rolling Stone Cover by Albert Watson at 1)  That’s one for the bird helmet. 2)  That’s just your wife and kid that’s in the bird helmet.  That’s how much Jesus loves you. 3)  Bird in a Helmet:  It might be all that Utah is offering for marriage when […]


Ultra-leftism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 1)  Your Ultra-leftism is bad for business. 2)  It’s a legal system that is corrupt from red and blue attorneys in the state.  They attack traditional marriage all day long every day.  It’s an undue burden to identify the worst of the batch when we don’t have access to […]

Affirmative action – Anti-German American

Affirmative action – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 1)  Affirmative Action is another way to institutional anti-German American. 2)  It doesn’t work out to troubleshoot anything if you empower the wrong people.  They toss everything for political reason. 3)  Why is America full of animal workers?  They cause financial hold and block wealth building. 4)  Many […]

2012 Chevrolet Silverado with WiFi

2012 Chevrolet Silverado gets slight redesign, WiFi and White Diamond Edition. 1)  This pickup is one that they buy for offroad Arizona.  For larger markets it doesn’t matter to go there. 2)  It works out for some people just to buy a Buick. 3)  Gas:,8599,1809900,00.html 4)  For Americans were indifferent to rising […]


2012 Buick LaCrosse Luxury Car | Luxury Mid-Size Sedan | Buick. 1)  L.A. Shoves:  You might need help to take out mouthy blacks and bad guy attorneys.  You might have have to take out the black Navy and the black LAPD that attacks traditional marriage.  It would work out better for everyone if they were […]


Your Ad Here. Comment 1)  You have to watch for what Romney does on this topic.  He’s a gaymaker like the gay bar.  He would invite to be a volunteer an then ask for resignation for people like me.  The difference is that I’m not gay and he’s bad for business like gays that make […]