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What Did I Ever Do To You?

9-11 causes a downward direction.  As a survivor, I would say, “What did I ever do to you?” All of religion acts like everyone owes them an apology for surviving 9-11.  For every religion, I would say, “What did I ever do to you?” Advertisements

Fill In Parents

Darrell Weber 8:37 AM (1 hour ago) to me Per Fill In Parent in Orem, Utah They fill in with other species for them.  It’s ongoing financial fraud.  It’s a fill in that fails to fix anything legal.  The fill in are anti-career, anti-marriage and anti-business.  This is what happens if I confront them: Dear Brian: […]

Gaybasher for Politics

Gay is bad for business Comment 1)  That must be black guys from back East being political.  They’re good for inverting Utah. 2)  It’s bad for business if Utah is inverted.  The gays invert by making claims that everyone is gay when they are not gay.  The Democrats are about the same for political […]


Religion Business. Comment 1)  For many people, this arrow is an indicator of direction and pressure they experience in relationship to religion.  It explains why some people distance from it. 2)  Mormon Problem is bad for business.  I’ve complained about mean Mormons and blacks that are bad for business. 3)  To the Fed, religion is […]

Evidence of U.S. Citizen

Comment 1)  Utah is political if anyone is a U.S. citizen. 2)  You should punish those that are geographically challenged as to where the United States is located compared to Africa.  There is some distance and wealth gap between the two countries.  You are free to contribute to the causes of your choice.


DNA is the genetic structure of all known life.


What does Walk to the beat of a different drummer mean? Answer: It means you are an individualist , you do not follow the herd, but follow your own heart and think for yourself. Utah creates a profile from the Boy Scouts of America to walk to a different drummer.  That’s usually someone that doesn’t […]

That’s One Big Truck

That’s one big truck. 1)  Utah business: It’s an assumed entity.  😦 2)  Arizona that doesn’t need to matter to you. Comment 1)  Disapproval for the lockout: 2)  UCCU may be the only entity that knows of the lockout or claims.  With illegal assumptions it doesn’t ever fix.  Any claim is disrespect. […]

Generic Mom and Dad

Generic Mom and Dad In relationship to my parents, not one person in my family has ever mentioned if they have passed away.  They just fill in for them instead and I don’t ever know who is there. It would lend itself to a political troubleshoot that goes weak on it.  It fails to troubleshoot […]

*astard gay agenda

Untitled 2. Comment 1)  *astard gay agenda.  That must be someone black with an *astard gay agenda that has a chip on their shoulder for Utah residents. 2)  Blacks won’t drop racism claims for Utah no matter what and so it ends up that you don’t need to matter to anyone or religion. 3)  NBA: […]

Volta Region is in Africa

Volta Region – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comment 1)  The Volta Region is in Ghana in Africa.  It may draw other people that have interest or origin in Africa.  Individually, that would include other people that might chose to vacation or move to Ghana.  One reason I would chose not to move to Africa […]

Man-made Famine

Obama anti-money policy is a man-made famine.  Black use wealth gap claims used for economic disparagement based on arbitrary variables.  It may include lawsuits making racist claims that target church memberships.  The claims preclude work and are anti-money.  You should fix the work hold even if you are black because it’s anti-money. Comment 1)  Federal […]

Public Relations

Public relations – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comment 1)  Some people aren’t bad people so much as have poor handlers.  They might enough be surrounded by bad people enough to wreck their lives. 2)  Some know a Mormonism that is about that much a friend to them.  They know Mormons that offer too bright of […]

Truck on Fire

Comments 1)  There goes another truck because the Democrats don’t want us to have any money. 2)  That’s the entire gay agenda burning down everyone’s truck in America. 3)  Disapproval for anti-money policy.  We all lose to your irrationality. 4)  That’s a black Baptist torching Utah’s truck. 5)  A better way to describe a truck […]

Val Mullinax’s ‘Risky Business’

Val Mullinax – Orem, UT | MyLife™. Comment Val Mullinax is the guy that make gay outing claims for Brian Weber when he lived in Claremont.  He blogs that everyone wants their *sshole.  Our family from Orem, Utah and many people know that and know we are family people.  Disapproval for the flames on gay […]

It’s Blacks making Nazi Claims in the American West

Comment 1)  The ones that think the American West is a Nazi are black Democrats.  They’re no friend to Utah. 2)  You review black Baptist e-mails and you’ll find lots of problems and confusion for LDS and conservatives nationwide.  They send threats like a bunch of terrorists.  They make racism claims to justify bullying efforts. […]

Bullying Efforts

Bullying in academia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comment 1)  Mobbing might include mobbing from blacks.  It may also include mobbing by other species.(1) 2)  Responses to bullying are failed in relation to mobbing and other bullying efforts based on arbitrary variables. 3)  The 9-11 survivor story I have published may contribute to bullying efforts. […]

RusDeutsch Newspaper

Russian-German Newspaper Comment 1)  Per this German newspaper published in Moscow:  It’s blacks that flame everyone ethnically and make everyone black even though you can see they are white. Russia: GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate  – Total $1.884 trillion[4] (9th)  – Per capita $13,235[4] 2)  It puts some pressure to marry our family because of ethnic flames.  I’ll be […]