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The Five Best and Worst Cities for Families Revealed

The Five Best and Worst Cities for Families Revealed : In the News : pregnancy and parenting on JustMommies. Comment 1)  Much of Utah and LDS act like it’s Vegas instead of Utah for family.  They do for many of us that are from here that are family people.  Orem is about as family as […]

Cars of Political Parties

Wing nuts and lug nuts; cars of political parties | Clocking In | a blog. Comment 1)  It would be less common to buy a convertible in Utah. 2)  They would buy that to be more American.

Disapproval for Sexual Referencing

Comments 1)  Disapproval for sexual referencing. 2)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from Catholics and Mormons.(1)  It’s mentally ill religions that breach and haze sexually and institutionally when they all know it’s improper referencing.  Your a financial and legal hazard. 3)  Disapproval for sexual referencing from media sources. 4)  You create a cycle of improper sexual references that […]

Weber with British Heritage

Comment 1)  That’s some fine British heritage on my mother’s side. 2)  It’s a shame that I have to push so hard to be white in America. 3)  That’s supposed to be covered by everyone else for the past century or two.(1) Footnote (1)  In terms of family and extended family,  they all have some German […]

Disapproval for Radio and Cellular Monitor

Comment 1)  Monitor might include military sources such as the Navy, call centers, religions, non-profits and credit unions. 2)  Utah County monitor might include Sento call center that may include gay protest and/or BSA retribution.  It may also include UCCU in relationship to having a line of credit.  They may controversialize religious memberships because they might be […]

finance |

finance | Comment 1)  Jobs like the website above are larger market jobs.  The divisive gay issues play into careers and career development including flames from smaller markets and call centers. 2)  People with graduate degrees need to work and jobs for them are often in larger markets. 3)  For business reason, you understand […]

Romney affirms opposition to same-sex marriage – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Romney affirms opposition to same-sex marriage – Political Hotsheet – CBS News. Comment 1)  One strategist once said to avoid the gayest neighborhoods.  Maybe that should include gay clubs like religion:  That article looks like a Mormonism that gets along with Harvey Milk when I don’t for political and financial reason.  Then you deserve […]

MAUKIE Disapproval for Gay Marriage

indieflagstaff | MAUKIE | Comment 1)  I’m with everyone that doesn’t want a gay marriage even if you legalize it. 1a)  Opposite of high five for gay marriage.  None of you support traditional marriage.  Gay protest and boycott is often anti-traditional marriage and contributes to financial stress.  You don’t support traditional family life and marriage before or after gay […]


indieflagstaff | GAYBASHER | Comment 1)  I’m still looking for the $$$ for creating gaybasher and for being anti-gay marriage. 2)  The religious ones in Utah are anti-career to everyone.  They shove to cottage industry and to hobbies.  So do the Dems and blacks. 3)  Mean legal and informal claims are anti-career. 4)  American Fork, […]

Draper, UT Photo Album – All Pictures

Draper, UT Photo Album – All Pictures.   Comment 1)  I’m not supposed to have to cover if Draper, UT is sufficient for everyone. 2)  That also holds for LDS visiting the temple in Draper.  Some of us are homeowners here even if your like NYC with the Chysler Imperial.  Knock it off on flaming […]

Disapproval for Sue Out Efforts for Any Source

Coment 1)  The correct answer for sue out efforts is to tell them to know it off.  If they don’t then you arrest them.  You commit them.  You shoot them until they know it off.  That holds for sue out efforts from sports, journalist or anyone else in the country. 2)  The shake up in […]

South Park and The List of Things That Offend Muslims

South Park via – The List of Things That Offend Muslims. Comment 1)  South Park(1) and more:  This list would suggest potential security problems from the jihad for Americans (Utah writers) in relationship to movie content. The Muslim Brotherhood is listed as a terrorist organization: Why don’t you nuke them. 2)  […]


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9-11 Jumpers WTC Eyewitnesses – 9-11 Jumpers WTC Eyewitnesses (Graphic 18+). Comment 1)  On this video and other jumper photos, I’m looking for my image to use as evidence of 9-11 survivor. 2)  I jumped from American Airlines 11 and hit the North Tower. 3)  The photo might be of me upside down with a wire or rope on my leg.  […]

Cars Land and Attacks on Family

Cars Land | Disney California Adventure Park. Comment 1)  Cars Land is another ride based on film content and characters that I created.  It’s the same as the other films where I’ve been overlooked in relationship to any financial reward. 2)  It’s also fair to suggest that any controversialization of someone used for so many Disney […]

Lexus ES 350 Luxury Sedan | 2013 |

Lexus ES 350 Luxury Sedan | 2013 | Comment 1)  Disapproval for flames and derision from Baptists. 2)  That’s a black church scheduling plane wrecks for the American West.  Maybe they have duel memberships to crash everything.